Stavanger City Business Directory

Stavanger is a city in Norway that is fourth-largest and is also a beautiful place. It is famous for its oil industry. This city is also known as by the nickname the ‘Oil Capital of Norway’. This city is also a hub for all the cultural events and activities taking place. People who love to witness such a zealous environment will love this place a lot. There are also two music festivals that take place in this city that are extremely famous and luring as well.

There is also a city museum that provides a lot of information related to the history of the place at the time of the Vikings. Several famous places in the city that are extremely beautiful and worth visiting are Pulpit Rock, the Norwegian Petroleum Museum- this is a place that displays the history of culture, science and technology of the time; there are many other places in this city that should be definitely visited by you if you are in Norway.

Stavanger is a city in Norway, and on this page we provide you links of all the various businesses listed here. Following are some of the localities in Stavanger: Byhaugen, Eiganes, Kalhammaren, Kampen, Midjord, Stavanger, Storhaug, Valand