Oslo City Business Directory

The city in Norway that has the highest population and is also the capital. Oslo is famous for the beautiful and panoramic views, its significant historic importance as well as the architecture. Justifying being a capital city, this place is equipped with several beautiful places that are worth paying a visit and are built very beautifully as well. Not to mention, the architecture of this place is also amazing and is worth all the admiration and adoration. This city is on the south-eastern coast of Norway and is also popular for the various museums and the lush green areas and spaces.

The museums of this city provide a lot of information about the rich history and culture of the country during the times of the Viking age. These places should be visited to be able to perceive and understand the significance of the city in such olden times. There are also places where there are many adventure sports held. Tourists who wish to enjoy can also go to these places and enjoy the sports like sky-jumping, etc. The local food of the city is also extremely famous among all the foodies. It is country rich in tradition, culture and preserving heritage.

Oslo is a city in Norway, and on this page we provide you links of all the various businesses listed here. Following are some of the localities in Oslo: Alna, Bjerke, Blindern, Disen, Ekeberg, Frogner, Gamle Oslo, Grunerløkka