This is one of the most beautiful countries in Norway that is extremely famous for its architectural style. It is also one of the most beautiful cities in Norway. The locals appreciate the beauty of their town a lot and the tourists will also fall in love with the landscapes and the wonderful views of the place. The city is situated between islands and extends to the pristine waters of the ocean that makes it a bliss for the eyes of the people visiting this city. There are several significant buildings that are made in a manner that they exhibit the art and architecture of the place very well.

Not only the views and the places but the local food of this city is also extremely famous and delicious. If you are someone who has a knack for tasting the local delicacies and experiencing the magic of new flavors, you should definitely try out the food here. Another famous dish is the pizza. To learn more about the rich art, culture, heritage and history of the city you can visit the Alesund Museum and you will be startled to witness all the amazing things over there!

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